As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 situation and the continuing need to flatten the curve, all fall 2020 courses at Carleton University will be offered through online methods of learning. The most up-to-date course offerings are available via Carleton Central or the Public Class Schedule. Due to the continuously evolving nature of the current public health crisis, it is too early to speculate about what the winter term will consist of. Carleton’s decisions will continue to be informed by the guidelines of public health authorities and government regulations and we will continue to provide more information on the COVID-19 website.

Public Class Schedule

Students may also use the “Build Your Timetable” feature in Carleton Central to plan their summer schedule to ensure a successful registration. Browse the Fall/Winter Registration website for more information on using the Timetable Tool, or for a number of helpful instructional videos.

The University reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule.  Changes may include cancellation of courses, changes to course schedules and/or updating of the various fee schedules. As such, we recommend that you continue to check the course offerings leading up to the beginning of classes to ensure that the courses and sections you intend on taking will be offered during the same time and in the same location as originally planned.

Carleton Central