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Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies

Media and communication are fundamental to the way we live, and vital to nearly every human relationship, industry sector and professional field. The Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies degree provides a strong foundation for understanding the challenges facing contemporary society. Students learn how to evaluate the constant flow of messages from all directions, to understand the past, present and future of media technology and its role in our lives, and how media and communication industries and infrastructures shape the economy, politics, and public life.

The Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (B.CoMS) degree is a four-year Honours program. Of the 20.0 credits required for the B.CoMS degree, 9.0 credits must be in Communication and Media Studies. Eight of your remaining 11.0 credits must be chosen from disciplines outside Communication and Media Studies. The three remaining credits are free electives.

First Year

All students are required to take COMS 1001 (Foundations in Communication and Media Studies) and COMS 1002 (Current Issues in Communication and Media). These courses will orient you to the fundamental questions and issues that are the central concerns of the program. Students learn about the history and structure of mass media, their relationship to social and cultural change, and basic issues in communication and cultural policy. They also explore and develop a critical understanding of contemporary controversies and ethical dilemmas in communication, such as online privacy and surveillance, the power of propaganda, and the pervasiveness of visual media in our lives.

First-Year Seminar

First-year B.CoMS students are encouraged to include a First-year Seminar (FYSM) in their first-year course load. This course will get you away from the lecture hall and give you the chance to discuss and debate topics with classmates and your professor, all in a small class setting of no more than 30 students. You will also get early and frequent feedback on class assignments and instruction in research, writing, public speaking and study skills. Although some FYSMs count as courses leading to a major, you do not have to choose a FYSM in your major discipline. The Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar provides a complete listing and description of the First-year Seminars, including those offered in Communication and Media Studies.


By the time you graduate, you must show at least one credit from three of the following four groupings of university courses: Culture and Communication; Humanities; Science, Engineering and Design; and Social Sciences. You may select your Breadth courses more appropriately by examining the Breadth section outlined in the Undergraduate Calendar.

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