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First Year Course Selection Guide

Please read this degree guide prior to registering.

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All Bachelor of Information Technology programs are designed to promote innovation and are structured around applied problem-solving. Support courses are organized around hands-on courses where students apply knowledge to the resolution of problems of increasing complexity. All four programs are designed to change and evolve as technologies advance. Students graduate with a strong theoretical grounding, complemented by practical knowledge in their discipline.


Students’ development as Network, Multimedia, Optical Systems and Sensors, or Information Resource specialists can be further enhanced by combining academic studies with hands-on practice. First-hand experience in the field, as well as contacts in industry, can be gained through participation in the BIT co-op option. Normally co-op students complete at least four work terms — the first in the summer after their second year of studies and three more (consecutive) work terms between the first and second terms of their third year of studies.

All BIT students who meet the co-op academic requirements are eligible to participate in the co-op program. Applications are made to the co-op office in the first term of a student’s second year of studies.

Where do I go throughout the year for program information?

Check the BIT website or stop into the School of Information Technology office, 230 Azrieli Pavilion, and consult with our School Administrator, Hana Jabi.

Courses Required for First Year

The following tables provide a list of first-year courses for BIT students. Please consult the Undergraduate Calendar and/or the BIT website (BITdegree.ca) for more information. Please note that many of your courses are already preselected, you must select your electives from the Carleton course calendar and register for them yourself. Students should consult BITdegree.ca for a list of approved elective courses.

Each course is assigned a unique identifier called the Course Reference Number (CRN). The CRNs for your courses should appear in the Add Class table at the bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page in Carleton Central. To register, simply click the submit button. You should not delete or substitute any of the CRNs that are preselected for you without consulting with the School of Information Technology.

First-year IMD courses

Fall Term

IMD 1000: Intro to Interactive Multimedia Design (CU)

IMD 1002: Visual Dynamics (AC)

IMD 1004: Design Processes (AC)

BIT 1100: Mathematics I for IMD (CU)

Arts and Humanities Elective* (CU)

Winter Term

IMD 1001: Visual Communication (AC)

IMD 1005: Web Development (AC)

BIT 1002: Physics for Information Technology I (CU)

BIT 1400: Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving (CU)

Arts and Humanities Elective* (CU)

First-year NET courses

Fall Term

NET 1001: Computer Technology Basic (AC)

NET 1002: Networking Fundamentals (AC)

BIT 1000: Mathematics I for NET (CU)

BIT 1400: Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving (CU)

Arts and Humanities Elective* (CU)

Winter Term

NET 1006: Routing and Switching (AC)

BIT 1001: Mathematics II for NET (CU)

BIT 1006: Elective* (AC)

BIT 1007: Physics for NET (CU)

BIT 2400: Intermediate Programming (CU)

First-year OSS courses

Fall Term

OSS 1002: Applications in Photonics & Optoelectronics (AC)

OSS 1006: Introduction to Automation and Simulation (AC)

BIT 1200: Calculus (CU)

BIT 1203: Newtonian Physics (CU)

BIT 1400: Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving (CU)

Winter Term

OSS 1003: Optics/Optical Fibers I (Principles) (AC)

OSS 1005: Introduction to Optics (AC)

BIT 1201: Mathematics II for PLT (CU)

BIT 1204: Physics for Photonics II (CU)

BIT 2400: Intermediate Programming (CU)

First-year IRM courses

Fall Term

IRM 1003: Collections Management (AC)

IRM 1005: Web Interface Development (CU)

IRM 1007: Cataloguing (AC)

IRM 1008: Introduction to Information Resource Management (AC)

Course to be used towards fulfillment of minor*** (CU)

Winter Term

IRM 1002: Reference I and Information services (AC)

IRM 1004: Reader’s Advisory Services (AC)

IRM 1006: Subject Analysis and Indexing (AC)

BIT 1400: Introduction to Programming (CU)

Course to be used towards fulfillment of minor*** (CU)

Please note:

* Electives are not included in block registration. You must select your electives manually.
Please consult BITdegree.ca for a list of approved elective courses.

**The notation “CU” and “AC” indicates whether the course is taught by Carleton University or Algonquin College faculty. Normally all CU courses are taught at Carleton and AC courses at Algonquin.

***IRM students are required to incorporate a minor of their choice as part of their program. It is advised that students declare their minor and register in the appropriate courses to complete their first year timetable.

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