Welcome to Carleton and your Bachelor of International Business Degree Program

First Year Course Selection Guide

Please read this degree guide prior to registering.

Your Degree Program

The Bachelor of International Business degree is an Honours degree requiring 20.0 credits.

Please Note: Regardless of what concentration you have/want to declare, you will take these 4.5 credits of BIB REQUIRED courses and have 0.5 credits of ELECTIVE in your first year.

Your Advisors

The Sprott School of Business has three dedicated Academic Advisors who are happy to provide academic and non-academic help and advice. For contact information, visit sprott.carleton.ca/students/undergraduate/supportservices/academic-advising.

Your First Year Courses

Fall Term (2.5 Credits)

Intensive Language Course (1.0 Credit) *

BUSI 1701 (0.5 Credit) Introduction to International Business

Complete in Fall Term (with conditional Math requirement)

MATH 0009 (0.5 Credit) Conditional Math Requirement [no credit towards degree program]

Intensive Language Course (1.0 Credit) *

BUSI 1701 (0.5 Credit) Introduction to International Business

Complete in Winter Term

Intensive Language Course (1.0 Credit) *

BUSI 1004 (0.5 Credit) Financial Accounting for Business Students

Complete in Either Fall or Winter Term

  • MATH 1009 [0.5 Credit] Calculus: with Applications to Business and Economics (Students completing MATH 0009 in Fall must complete MATH 1009 in Winter)
  • ECON 1001 (0.5 Credit) Introduction to Economics: Microeconomics
  • ECON 1002 (0.5 Credit) Introduction to Economics: Macroeconomics
  • Free Electives [0.5 credit]
    • [0.0 credits] – You will not complete an elective in first year if completing MATH 0009 as a conditional math requirement in Fall. The additional 0.5 free elective credit will be required and should be taken in any term prior to graduation. Consult with your Academic Advisor to discuss your academic plan

*First Year Intensive Language Courses:

  • Spanish: SPAN 1110 (Fall) and SPAN 2110 (Winter)
  • German: GERM 1110 (Fall) and GERM 2110 (Winter)
  • Japanese: JAPA 1110 (Fall) and JAPA 2110 (Winter)
  • Mandarin: CHIN 1110 (Fall) and CHIN 2110 (Winter)
  • French course sequencing depends on language assessment:
    • FREN 1001 (Fall) and FREN 1002 (Winter)
    • Or FREN 1002 (Fall) and FREN 1100 (Winter)
    • Or FREN 1100 (Fall) and FREN 2100 (Winter)

Please email BIB@sprott.carleton.ca  if you place higher than the First-Year Intensive level OR if you test-out of your language to discuss your course plan with a Sprott Program Advisor



  • Courses indicated “Fall or Winter” can be scheduled based on preference
  • Electives – first year students may select electives based on interest; this includes courses in any subject. Please verify pre-requisites in the undergraduate calendar before registering for electives
  • MATH 0009 – will not count towards your degree program

Tips for Constructing a Conflict-Free Timetable

Compose your schedule for both Fall and Winter terms in this order:

1. Schedule Language courses: One course in the Fall and one course in Winter

  • Please note that spaces in language courses (especially the intensive sections) fill up quickly
  • If you encounter a ‘closed’ or ‘full’ message as you attempt to register into a language course, please submit a Course Override Request, saying you need this course for First Year BIB.

2. Schedule BUSI courses: BUSI 1701 (Fall) and BUSI 1004 (Winter)
3. Schedule MATH 1009 course (Fall or Winter)
4. Schedule ECON courses: ECON 1001 (Fall or Winter) and ECON 1002 (Fall or Winter)
5. Schedule elective course (Fall or Winter)

Still have questions? Contact an Academic Advisor at bib@sprott.carleton.ca

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