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Your Degree Program

The Bachelor of Music degree program is a unique opportunity to develop your musical talents within the context of a liberal arts education. Music history, theory, composition, and performance are complemented by your choice of arts, social science, and science elective courses within a required pattern for the degree.

Your program is an Honours degree requiring 20.0 credits and, normally, four years to complete.

Courses Required for First Year

In the first year of your Bachelor of Music program the following courses are required and graded for inclusion in your overall cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA):

Fall term

MUSI 1900 0.5 credit (Performance/Private lessons)

MUSI 1000 0.5 credit

MUSI 1700 0.5 credit

MUSI 1711 0.5 credit

MUSI 1002 0.5* credit (*also offered in the Winter term; should be taken first year)

Winter Term

MUSI 1901 0.5 credit (Performance/Private lessons)

MUSI 1001 0.5* credit (*also offered in the Fall term; should be taken first year)

MUSI 1701 0.5 credit

MUSI 1710 0.5 credi

Elective 0.5 credit

Ensembles: it is strongly recommended that students fulfill this requirement by participating in MUSI 1912 B (fall) and MUSI 1913 B (Winter) in their first year of BMus study.

A general theory placement will be administered online. Please check our website (carleton.ca/music) for details. Students who are assessed as lacking the requisite theory and ear training background may be required to take MUSI 1107 first. Please note that MUSI 1107 will not be credited to the BMus program.

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