You can start preparing for your registration even before your time-ticket opens. When the timetable tool becomes available on June 8, 2020 students can check their registration status. At that time, personalized time-ticket information will also be made available in Carleton Central for new first year students, and later in June for returning students.

Begin by logging into Carleton Central and selecting Registration from the Registration menu. Click on STEP 1.

You will automatically be asked to specify a term of registration. Start with the fall term.

You will be directed to a page that contains essential registration information. This includes:

  • Your time-ticket (the day and time registration becomes available to you)
  • Your curriculum information (degree, major, faculty, etc.). Review these items and report any discrepancies to the Registrar’s Office (undergraduate students), or The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (graduate students)
  • Program specific information and links to additional resources
  • Items that may restrict you from registering (holds, student status, etc.)
  • And special registration permissions (i.e. overrides)
    • NOTE: If your Student Status or Academic Standing prevents registration, contact the Registrar’s Office or The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs immediately.
    • Holds may prevent registration. If you have holds, click on the View Holds link to view the details. Contact the originator of the hold if you have questions. Contact information can always be found in the Carleton Central Online Help (click “Help”).

Proceed to Step 2