Information for students with credit on admission

New Students with Credits on Admission
If you are arriving at Carleton with credits on admission from previous studies, you will choose your courses from the guide associated with your degree program. You will be able to register for the next level of courses in some areas because you already have credit for the prerequisite courses.

First, consult your admission documents to find out which courses have been credited. If you have questions about course credits you did not receive, consult with an admissions officer in Admissions Services.

To discuss appropriate courses for your first registration at Carleton, you should either visit your departmental advisor, or an academic advisor in the Academic Advising Centre, 302 Tory Building. Your advisor will be able to give you an audit of your program which shows the courses you have earned and those remaining to be completed. Together you can discuss the minimum grades required for good academic standing, check that you have the prerequisite courses required for your registration and develop a plan to proceed to graduation.

Students from a Quebec CEGEP
Students from a Quebec CEGEP must consult with an academic advisor before registering, because of the large number of 1000-level courses that may have been transferred on admission. These transfer credits could create a problem in meeting degree requirements without proper guidance.

New Students with English as a Second Language (ESL) Requirements
If you were admitted with ESL requirements, we advise you to contact an academic advisor as your course load will be different. Visit the Academic Advising Centre website for more information about advisors.