What is a time-ticket?

Registration is divided into registration blocks called time-tickets. Your time-ticket indicates when you can first access the registration system; however, you can continue to make registration changes until the end of the course change period (visit the registration website for a list of important dates and deadlines).

While you can register for courses any time after your time-ticket, until the published deadline, you are strongly encouraged to register for both the fall and winter terms as soon as your time-ticket begins.

You can check your registration status before your time-ticket begins. Checking your registration status early allows you to check that there are no holds or any other issues that may affect your ability to register after your time-ticket begins.

It is important to double check your year standing before registration begins to ensure you know when your registration block opens.

How are time-tickets assigned?

Time-tickets are assigned based on year standing. Please be sure you understand how year standing is calculated.  As per the university calendar, students in undergraduate degree programs are given a year standing according to the number of credits completed with passing grades and counting towards the degree. Year standing is not calculated based on number of years in attendance at the university. The categories are as follows:

  • First Year: Fewer than 4.0 credits completed successfully and counting towards the degree.
  • Second Year: 4.0 through 8.5 credits completed successfully and counting towards the degree.
  • Third Year: 9.0 through 13.5 credits completed successfully and counting towards the degree.
  • Fourth Year: 14.0 or more credits completed successfully and counting towards the degree and in a program requiring more than 15.0 credits.

Programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Design identify specific courses that must be completed for a particular year status in that program, which does not necessarily conform to the above formula. Refer to the Engineering and Design section of the Undergraduate Calendar for details. Year standing assessment occurs at the end of each term, once all final grades are received: January, June, August and October.

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