1. Video Guides to Carleton Central
  2. Registration Videos
  3. Waitlisting Videos
  4. Online Application Videos
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Video Guides to Carleton Central

To help you through the registration process, we’ve produced a several helpful and accessible “How-to” videos to show you how to navigate though Carleton Central and take full advantage of its features.

Registration Videos

How to do a Class Search

How to Submit a Registration Override Request

How to Change a Tutorial or Lab Without Dropping Your Course

How to Use Block Registration (BEng, BIT, BID and BAS)

How to Use Your Draft Worksheet

How to Drop a Course

How to Manage Unavailable Times

How to use the hypothetical courses search criteria (returning undergrad students ONLY)

Waitlisting Videos

How to Join a Waitlist

How to Remove Yourself from a Waitlist

How to Find Your Position on a Waitlist

How to Register when Notified by Email

Online Application Videos

How to Request a Certificate of Enrolment

How to Request a Transcript

Other Videos

How to Update Your Address