Students are expected to be available for the duration of a course including the examination period. Dates and deadlines are made available to students in the Carleton University Undergraduate Calendar well in advance of registration; the dates are listed here.

Occasionally, students encounter circumstances beyond their control where they may not be able to write a final examination or submit a take-home examination. Examples of this would be a serious illness or the death of a family member.

If you miss a final examination and/or fail to submit a take-home examination by the due date, you may apply for a deferral as per the University Regulations in Sections 4.1 – 4.4 of the Undergraduate Calendar. Applications are made using the Online Deferral Application Form (currently unavailable).

COVID-19 note: Deferrals require supporting documentation, normally this is in the form of a medical note by a physician. We understand during the current COVID-19 situation, this may be difficult to obtain. You may elect to submit the self-declaration form instead of obtaining a medical note.  

Please note that by completing and submitting a Deferral Application you are authorizing the Registrar’s Office to contact those who have provided documentation submitted with your application, including but not limited to medical documentation, for purposes of verifying authenticity.

Any questions related to deferring a final examination or take-home examination should be directed to:

Registrar’s Office
613-520-3500 (Phone)

Important Links:

Online Deferral Application Form (currently unavailable)
Deferral Self-declaration for Academic Accommodation Form (PDF)
Carleton University Medical Form (PDF)
Additional Deferral Information (PDF)
Off-Campus Deferral Information (PDF)
Missed Deferrals
Deferred Examination Schedule (Public View)
Personalized Examination Schedule (via Carleton Central)
Rules and Procedures for Writing an Exam

Deferral FAQs: