The Senate of the University establishes academic regulations and deadlines which are designed to ensure that academic standards are upheld and that all students are treated fairly and equitably. As all academic regulations and deadlines are extensively publicized and made known in the Calendar and on the University website, you are expected to take responsibility for meeting your academic obligations and for complying with these requirements. However, the University does understand that circumstances, beyond one’s control, can occur which adversely affect the ability to meet academic obligations. In those instances you may submit a petition, which is a formal request for accommodation with regard to the normal regulations and deadlines of the University.

(Note: Requests for Deferred Examinations, and Appeal of Grades are not considered petitions.  These requests must be submitted according to established procedures and deadlines found at

There are two types of circumstances that might warrant a request for an exception to published regulations or deadlines. The most frequent type concerns personal circumstances such as illness or other unanticipated serious events. The second type concerns whether a regulation has been correctly applied to a student’s record.  As each student’s academic record is unique there may be instances in which normal academic requirements or regulations have an unintended outcome when applied to an individual record.