Petitions should be submitted immediately following the circumstances which have prompted the request. Unless subject to an earlier deadline, petitions must be submitted according to the following deadlines:

January 30 For petitions arising from the preceding fall term
June 30 For petitions arising from the preceding winter term
September 30 For petitions arising from the preceding summer term


To initiate a petition you must:

    1. Submit a completed Undergraduate Academic Petition Form which contains your Carleton email account for correspondence.
    2. Attach to the Petition Form a clear and concise letter which states:
      • the regulation or deadline you wish to petition
      • the circumstances beyond your control which have led to the request for the petition, or why you believe that a regulation has not been correctly applied to your record.

Note: Failure to prioritize academic responsibilities or to be aware of academic regulations are not grounds for a petition.

  1. Provide all relevant supporting documentation and/or required forms. Submit originals only; photocopies are not acceptable. Sometimes required supporting documentation cannot be submitted when the petition is initiated. In these cases, you should clearly describe the type of documentation that is being obtained, the reason for the delay in submitting it, and specific information about when the documentation will be submitted.
  2. Retain a copy of your petition and any documents you will be submitting with your petition.

All of the petition documentation should be submitted as a complete package to the Registrar’s Office to the attention of:

Undergraduate Appeals Secretariat
Room 300B, Tory Building
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON   KIS 5B6

Petitions will not be processed by the Secretariat until all required documentation has been received.

In cases where the issue is time-sensitive, please send an email from your Carleton email account to, to the attention of the Undergraduate Appeals Secretariat. The Secretariat will respond and provide you with further instructions on how to proceed.

If it is determined that additional supporting documentation is required, you will be contacted at your Carleton email account by the Secretariat. Please note that failure to submit appropriate supporting documentation frequently results in the denial of a petition, especially in cases where administrative requirements necessitate an immediate response. Petitions submitted without the proper documentation will be held by the Registrar’s Office for a period of time based on the nature of the petition and the rationale for the lack of documentation. After that time the petition will normally be cancelled and the student notified.