You must submit your petition immediately following the development of the circumstances which have prompted the request and within the required deadlines. A clear, concise statement regarding the reason(s) why the request for accommodation from a regulation or deadline is being made and all required original documentation should be submitted as a complete package to the Registrar’s Office. Failure to submit appropriate supporting documentation can result in the denial of the petition. The following checklist is provided as a guide to students who are preparing a petition. Staff in the Registrar’s Office is also available to assist you if you have questions regarding petition procedures or documentation requirements.

Petition of a Denied Deferred Exam Required Documentation Checklist
You must submit this petition immediately following receipt of the “denied” decision on the original application. Such petitions are extremely time sensitive as exam schedules must be set, examination papers prepared, and grades submitted.
Petition of a Missed Deferred Final Examination Required Documentation Checklist
If you have been granted a deferred examination and subsequently did not write that examination or complete the take-home examination, you will not be granted a second deferral. Please refer to carleton.ca/registrar/special-requests/deferral/ for more information.
Petition of Degree Requirements Required Documentation Checklist
Petition to waive University regulations (i.e. residency/ number of 1000 level courses, et cetera) or Program regulations (i.e. majors/minors/ concentrations/breadth, et cetera) required by your course of study.
Petitions arising from Missed Application Deadlines Required Documentation Checklist
  • Late Application to Graduate
  • Late Application for Review of Final Grades
  • Late Application for Letter of Permission or Exchange
Undergraduate Academic Petitions Required Documentation Checklist
Where circumstances seriously impacted a student’s academic performance, during a certain time period, an Undergraduate Academic Petition can be filed. If such a petition results in a retroactive withdrawal from courses, the academic performance decision would automatically be reviewed. An Academic Performance Evaluation decision may be changed only where final grades are adjusted.
Registration Petitions Required Documentation Checklist
Petition to register in a course after the published deadline (including late course changes, late section changes, credit to audit, audit to credit, co-op)
Petition to exceed normal course load
Petition to withdraw from course(s) after the published deadline
Petition of a Denied Request to Study Elsewhere Required Documentation Checklist
  • Exchange Program
  • Letter of Permission