Please note we do not fax Certificates of Enrolment to students or third parties.

Certificates of Enrolment will not be issued if the student has an outstanding account with the University.

Following are details and definitions in relation to the Certificate of Enrolment.


  • Full-time status is registration in a minimum of 1.5 credits in any term.
  • Part-time status is registration in fewer than 1.5 credits in any term.
    *The full/part time status provided in the Certificate of Enrolment does not apply to government student financial aid programs.

Uses of the Certificate of Enrolment:

  • Student Visa/ Immigration applications
  • Confirm previous graduation
  • To confirm full/part-time status
  • Private (not government issued) loan applications
  • Private RESPs
  • Exceptions – National/Government Student Loans:
  • The Certificate of Enrolment cannot be used for OSAP purposes or to keep any government issued student loans in interest-free status.
  • Students requiring a form confirming enrolment for the National Student Loan Service Centre must contact the Awards Office(202 Robertson Hall).
  • The full/part time status provided in the Certificate of Enrolment does not apply to government student financial aid programs.

Certificate of Enrolment Online Request:

Requests for Certificates of Enrolment are submitted online through Carleton CentralFor information on how to access Carleton Central, please click here.

CERTIFICATE OF ENROLMENT REQUEST – Choose this option and you have the following delivery options.

Email My Carleton Account: By choosing this option, your document will be emailed as a PDF to your Carleton email account within two business days after submission of your request.  This option does not allow for pick up or mailing of your document and the document can only be emailed to your Carleton email, we do not email to third parties.

Courier delivery: Carleton does not make arrangement to send documentation via courier. If you wish to have your transcripts/certificates of enrolment delivered by courier you must make all arrangements for pickup and payment, details are provided below:

  • Clearly indicate on the request form in Carleton Central that you intend to have your documents picked up by courier.
  • Include your daytime phone number and email in your request in the fields provided.
  • Wait for the email from our office confirming your documents are ready for pick up and providing you with the details for courier arrangements.
  • Make your arrangements for pick up and payment with the courier company.
  • Courier companies will be referred to contact the student in cases where arrangements have been made in advance and the documentation is not ready for pick up.
  • Carleton will not release documents to the courier where payment arrangements are outstanding with courier.

Manual Certificate of Enrolment Request

In instances where you do not have access to Carleton Central you may submit a manual request for a certificate of enrollment; please contact the Registrar’s Office.