The following changes to your degree are made through the Change of Program Elements feature of Carleton Central.

  • switch from one program to a different program within the same degree (this includes a change from General to Honours or from Honours to General)
  • add or drop a Major, Minor, Concentration, or Specialization

Changes to your program generally require up to 3 days for processing. Processing time may vary throughout the school year. Please contact us for details.

To remove the Co-op option from your program elements, visit the co-op office website to complete their online submission form.

For all other changes, please see the Admissions Office.

How to know if your application has been approved

Approved Applicants: Approved Change of Major applicants can confirm their revised program status by viewing their Degree Audit Report through Carleton Central. Written confirmation will be sent from the Registrar’s Office to your Carleton email account.

Refused Applicants: Change of Major applicants who are refused admission may review the reason for refusal on the COPE application page in Carleton Central. Such students are strongly encouraged to contact the Academic Advising Centre (520-7850) to arrange for an advising appointment.

Visit the Programs page for more information on the various programs that are available at Carleton.

Note to students applying to a new degree program:

In 2010, the Senate of the University revised the regulation for the recognition of high academic achievement upon graduation for all students admitted Fall 2010 and beyond. This means that if you are admitted to your degree program, you will be subject to this revised regulation when you apply to graduate. In order to be eligible for recognition of high academic achievement, the regulation states that students must present at least 10.0 credits taken at Carleton University and a minimum overall CGPA equal to or greater than 10.40 for High Distinction or an overall CGPA less than 10.40 but equal to or greater than 9.80 for Distinction. For some students who are changing degrees, this may mean different CGPA requirements than you may currently require under your program in order to be eligible for recognition of high academic achievement. For specific information on eligibility requirements, please refer to section 3.4.7 of the Academic Regulations of the University in the undergraduate calendar.