Third Party Release

Carleton University is committed to protecting the privacy of your academic record. Personal information that we collect is kept confidential. Should it be required, you can, however, elect to extend access of your record to a third party .

We will not release any information pertaining to your student record without your prior written consent. By submitting your consent in advance, you can authorize the Registrar’s Office to release the following types of academic information to any person(s) or organization(s) you specify:

  • Confirmation of Registration
  • Confirmation of Graduation and Degree
  • In person pick-up of Transcript(s)
  • In person pick-up of Certificate of Enrolment(s)
  • Registration (to elect a person to act on your behalf to facilitate registration)


You can authorize the Registrar’s Office to provide information to a third party either by sending an email message through your MyCarleton (@cmail) email account (preferred), delivering the Third Party Release form in person to the Registrar’s Office, or faxing/mailing the Third Party Release form with copies of the required identification.

If you choose to email your third party release through your MyCarleton (@cmail) email account, please note that we require the following information:

  • type of information/documentation that you wish to release
  • person(s) or organization(s) to which you wish to release your information
  • the time-frame within which we can release the information (e.g. one time only, ongoing until written notice is given to terminate, between two specific dates, etc.)

When submitting the Third Party Release form in person, please be sure to bring either your student card, driver’s license, or passport as identification.

A copy of your driver’s licence, passport, or student card clearly showing both your picture and your signature must accompany faxed or mailed Third Party Release forms (i.e. for driver’s licence and student card, please copy both sides).