Transcript Legend

Explanation of Grading Symbols

Standing in courses will be shown by alphabetical grades, which carry grade point values as follows:

A+ 12 B+ 9
A 11 B 8
A- 10 B- 7
C+ 6 D+ 3
C 5 D 2
C- 4 D- 1

Grade points indicated above are for courses of one (1.0) credit in value (See Credit Definition). Where the course credit is greater or less than one credit, the grade points are adjusted proportionately.

The following percentage equivalents apply to all final grades as follows:

A+ 90-100 B+ 77-79
A 85-89 B 73-76
A- 80-84 B- 70-72
C+ 67-69 D+ 57-59
C 63-66 D 53-56
C- 60-62 D- 50-52

The following grades and notations may appear on the transcript:

ABS – Absent
AEG – Aegrotat
AUD – Audit
CEX – Current International Exchange
CH – Successful Challenge for Credit
CLP – Current Letter of Permission
CTN – Continuing (Assigned to first half of a course taught over two consecutive terms)
CUO – Current University of Ottawa Exchange
CUR – Currently enrolled
DEF – Deferred
EXC – Successful International Exchange Credit
F – Failure
FND – Failure with no deferred examination allowed
FNS – Failure with no supplemental privileges
FWS – Failure with supplemental privileges
GNA – Grade not available
INC – Incomplete
IP/INP – In Progress
LOP – Successful Letter of Permission
P – Pass
PWD – Pass With Distinction
S/SAT – Satisfactory
UCH – Unsuccessful attempt for CH
U/UNS – Unsatisfactory
WDN – Withdrawn. (Withdrew after the full fee adjustment date for a given term. Effective Fall 2017.)

Credit Value Definition

The basic unit of academic work is the “full credit” with a credit value of 1.0. During the Fall Term and Winter Term, a course which spans both terms normally represents three class contact hours or equivalent per week plus laboratory and/or supplementary instruction as required. Each term contains twelve weeks of instruction.  Courses offered during the Summer Term have equivalent workloads but are concentrated into a shorter period of time.
It is suggested that a course with a credit value of 1.0 is equivalent to six semester hours per week or nine-quarter hours. It should be noted, however, that courses with laboratory components could yield the equivalent of eight semester hours or twelve-quarter hours.

Course Numbering System

Effective Fall 2002 the University implemented a new course numbering system. Transcripts began to reflect this new numbering system in the Summer Term of 2003 when a new student information system was implemented. Course numbering examples are as follows:
Prior to Summer 2003 – English 18.105
Effective Summer 2003 – ENGL 1005


Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates are awarded three times a year: Spring (June), Fall (November), Winter (February).

The Academic Year

Summer Term: May – August
Fall Term: September – December
Winter Term: January – April


Carleton awards and scholarships are noted on the transcript.

Course Set Aside

Three categories of courses that do not contribute to the fulfillment of graduation requirements may appear on the student’s transcript:
Extra to the Degree (ETD): Passed credits that could have counted towards the degree but are in excess of the credits required for graduation.
No Credit for Degree (NCD): Passed credits that are ineligible for credit in the student’s program.
Credit Forfeited: Courses that cannot be used for credit in the current or any subsequent program.

With Study Abroad: Undergraduate Students who successfully complete 2.0 to 3.5 credits at a non-Canadian university in an approved pattern under a recognized
International Exchange program.
With Study Year Abroad: Undergraduate Students who successfully complete 4.0 or more credits at a non-Canadian university in an approved pattern under a recognized International Exchange program.


Carleton University, a founding member of the Council of Ontario Universities, enjoys full accreditation by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of the Province of Ontario. It is a charter member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada; a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and participates fully in the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan; and is a member of the International Association of Universities.

Transcript Validation

Questions regarding the content or validity of the academic transcript should be directed to the Registrar’s Office at (613) 520-3500.  Note that the language of instruction at Carleton University is English.

This transcript key was produced May 2019.