Official Verification of Student Status forms are available online.

Students who require an official Verification of Student Status (VOSS) in order to access Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) funds, or to help obtain other financial assistance, must request their VOSS through Carleton Central (Select ‘Request a Transcript/Certificate of Enrolment/Verification of Student Status’ from the main menu).

The VOSS details the student’s Program, Year in Program, Enrolment status and the current Academic session dates and is accepted by all Registered Education Savings Plan Providers (including Knowledge First, CST, Children’s Education, Global and Heritage), as well as by most other institutions.

The Year of Study and Current Enrollment Status information on your VOSS is current as of the day you placed your request. Year of Study is adjusted daily as grade information becomes available and Current Enrollment status is updated whenever registration changes are made. Please review your VOSS to confirm that your Year of Study and Current Enrollment Status information is correct before submitting your form to your provider. If your delivered form contains out of date information, please resubmit the request once your Year of Standing or Current Enrollment statuses have been updated.

Note – all VOSS requests are produced electronically and emailed directly to the student’s Carleton email account within two business days of request. We do not email third parties. The electronic document is official and is accepted by all RESP providers and most other institutions. Please do not send us your paper RESP forms. The Registrar’s Office will return all paper forms to the sender. These forms should be sent directly to your provider along with the VOSS.

Please note that all inquiries regarding your specific Registered Education Savings Plan, including deadlines, eligibility, delaying payments, and withdrawing funds must be done through the specific company.