Undergraduate students who wish to fully withdraw from their program, without academic penalty, may do so by completing the Voluntary Withdrawal form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office prior to the deadline to withdraw from courses.

It is advised that students who wish to fully withdraw from their program meet with an academic advisor. Beyond the academic implications, it is important that students are aware of, and appreciate, the full scope of consequences associated with withdrawing from their program. Things to consider when withdrawing from university studies include whether you have a government student loan, are a sponsored student or are a varsity athlete. These are only some examples. You should be mindful of any other type of situation that requires a minimum course load for eligibility purposes.

Students must withdraw from all courses via Carleton Central before their request for Voluntary Withdrawal can be processed. Once this has been completed and the application has been processed, the notation “Voluntary Withdrawal from Program” will appear on the official transcript.

Important Note: Students who have fully withdrawn from their program and who wish to resume their studies at a later date will be required to submit an application for admission to degree studies. The application may require additional documentation as specified by the Admissions Regulations of the Undergraduate Calendar.

Students who choose to remain active in their program should note that they will be made inactive after nine consecutive terms without registration.