Travel to Israel!: travel course May 2018

  • Receive course credit as 3rd year undergraduate, 4th year seminar, or MA level course (different requirements)
  • No perquisites, open to students from all programs
  • Auditors and transfer credits from other universities welcome.

This travel course will survey religious history through geographical exploration of famous sites all over Israel: biblical Israel and contemporary Islam at the Temple Mount; origins of Christianity out of Judaism in the Galilee and in Jerusalem; Roman and Byzantine life at Beit Shean; Second Temple Judaism at Qumran and Masada; Rabbinic Judaism in ancient synagogues and in a special exhibit at the Israel Museum; the Crusades at the ruins of a Crusader fortress in Akko; Jewish mysticism in 17th century Safed; the Holocaust at Yad Vashem; Christian and Muslim communities in Nazareth, modern Israel at the Knesset, a kibbutz, the Baha’i Temple in Haifa, and the beaches of Tel Aviv.

Spaces are limited, we will accept applications and reserve spaces in order as received.

Information session:  Oct 11, 2017

Deadline to Apply with 150$ deposit:  Oct 22, 2017

Travel Dates:

Departure May 2  from Ottawa or Toronto

Arrive Tel Aviv May 3, 2018

Course ends May Friday May 18, 2018

Free long weekend to travel in Israel or to other destinations such as Petra, Jordan.

Departure from Tel Aviv Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Arrive Ottawa or Toronto

Costs: Land $2500 USD (includes hotels, travel in Israel, entrance fees, guide, guest lectures and special programming, most meals), airfare (group rate $1681 CAN, may make own arrangements), Carleton tuition 0.5 credits.

Some travel scholarship assistance is available.

Contact Professor Deidre Butler to advise if you are interested or to ask for more information

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