Glebe Community Centre
Thursday, January 25th, 2018 7:00 pm, Scotton Hall
All are welcome to attend the lecture.
Admission is free and open to the public.

D. Gregory MacIsaac,
The College of the Humanities, Carleton University

D. Gregory MacIsaac is Associate Professor of Humanities at Carleton University. He has taught in the B.Hum. program since 1998. He grew up in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, entering the Foundation Year Programme at the University of King’s College – Dalhousie (Halifax) in 1988. He took his B.A. degree in 1992 from the Dalhousie Department of Classics, in Ancient Languages and Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, and his M.A. (1994) and Ph.D. (2001) at the Department of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame (Indiana). In the Bachelor of Humanities, Professor MacIsaac’s main duty is HUMS 2000, the second-year Core-Humanities Seminar, Reason and Revelation. This is an intensive course on Ancient and Medieval Philosophy, covering authors from Plato to Dante. Prof. MacIsaac also teaches HUMS 1200, Humanities and Classical Civilization, the required first-year Humanities writing course. He is currently teaching a fourth-year Research Seminar on Plato’s dialogues on Sophistry.