Congratulations to Jacqueline Morrison and Shaked Karabelnicoff in obtaining two I-CUREUS grants with Professor Deidre Butler and her co-researcher Betina Appel Kuzmarov (Law and Legal Studies).

As a result of succeeding with their applications to I-CUREUS, Jacqueline Morrison and Shaked Karabelnicoff will be able to use their energies and skills to support this extensive interdisciplinary project: an interview-based study of Jewish religious divorce in Canada.

Shaked is in her third year, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Religious Studies and in Canadian and Indigenous Studies. She will be developing a media survey on the ways in which Jewish divorce, gett abuse and agunot are represented in Canadian media. Shaked shared her excitement about this unique opportunity to research an area she is passionate about, while learning more hands-on research skills. Her I-CUREUS grant is supported through the Faculty of Public Affairs.

Jacqueline is in her fourth year as a Humanities major with a minor in Biology. Jacqueline shared that she has always been interested in Jewish Studies.She will be developing a web site with resources (halakhic, scholarship, community based) about Jewish divorce in Canada. Her I-CUREUS grant is funded through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.