Congratulations to MA in Religion and Public Life students Erin Roberts and Alexandra Valeriote for an amazing Annual Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies and Religion Program Colloquium last Friday.

This student led colloquium has always been driven and shaped by the students themselves.  Erin and Alex did a fantastic job of engaging students from graduate and BA Honours 4th year programs from across Carleton, and Ontario and Quebec.  It was a pleasure to also hear from graduates of our programs and learn how their scholarship has developed and matured.

The quality of the papers were impressive and I know the audience was particularly appreciative of how thoughtfully the program was put together to highlight connections and synergies between a broad range of topics.  We are so appreciative of the work you did to foster rich and collegial conversations that will surely continue beyond the conference itself.  Thank you!

Thank you as well to faculty, students, friends, and family who came and supported our students.  We look forward to next year’s colloquium in Spring 2020!

Professor Deidre Butler, Religion Program Director, Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies