RELI 2710 A: Maccabees to Mohammed

Instructor: Dr. Andrea Lobel

Course Format: Asynchronous / prerecorded lectures.

Course Description:

In this course, students will be introduced to the historical trajectory and literature of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. During both semesters, we will examine topics such as identity formation and maintenance, ethnicity, law, canon, heresy, and exile, among others. These will be situated in their sociopolitical and religious contexts. Throughout, we will also view these topics through the lens of several unifying themes. These will include: 1. Othering, including heresy, and the discourse on monotheism vs. polytheism and “idolatry,” 2. Supersessionism, and 3. Communal identity formation and maintenance. These themes will be highlighted and framed from a critical perspective as we move through the course content.