Religion Course Outlines

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Fall 2022

1000 Level Courses

RELI 1710A Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zeba Crook

RELI 1731 Varieties of Religious Experience, Tim Pettipiece/Chris Jensen

2000 Level Courses

RELI 2220 A Early Christianity, Zeba Crook

RELI 2200 Christianity, Johannes Wolfart

RELI 2310 Islam, Alyshea Cummins

RELI 2410 Buddhism, Melanie Coughlin

RELI 2600 Religions of China, Chris Jensen

RELI 2710 A  Maccabees to Mohammad, Kim Stratton

RELI 2713 A Mystical and Contemplative Traditions, Mohammad Rustom

RELI 2800 Indigenous Traditions, Manvitha Singamsetty

RELI 2840 A Astronomies and Cosmologies of the Ancient Near East, Andrea Lobel

3000 Level Courses

RELI 3140 Holocaust Encounters, Megan Hollinger

RELI 3360 B Islamic Philosophical Texts: An Introduction to ‘Ayn al-Qudat, Mohammad Rustom

RELI 3520 Early Hinduism, Noel Salmond

4000 Level Courses

RELI 4850/5850X Religious Apocalypses Compared, Tim Pettipiece/Chris Jensen

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