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FALL 2020

Course Number Course Title Instructor
RELI 1710 Judaism, Christianity, Islam Dr. Zeba Crook
RELI 1716 East Asian Religions Dr. Jeffrey Kotyk
RELI 1720 Global Indigenous Religions Manvitha Singamsetty
RELI 1731 Varieties Religious Experience Dr. Andrea Lobel
RELI 1741 Global Religions Identity & Community Alyshea Cummins
RELI 2220 Early Christianity Dr. Zeba Crook
RELI 2230 Global Christianity Dr. Johannes Wolfart
RELI 2330 The Qur’an Dr. Ash Geissinger
RELI 2350 Classical Islamic Thought Dr. Mohammed Rustom
RELI 2535 Religion and Gender Dr. Shawna Dolansky
RELI 2710 Maccabees to Muhammad Dr. Mourad Laabdi
RELI 2713 Mysticism Dr. Mohammed Rustom
RELI 2736/ANTH 2550 Religion and Society Alyshea Cummins
RELI 3741 Classic approach to Religion Dr. Christopher Jensen
RELI 4741 Issues in Religion Dr. Kimberly Stratton
RELI 4850 Screening Religion: Religion, Film and Public Life Dr. Deidre Butler

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