Fall 2022, Notice re: COVID-19

Now that Carleton Covid-19 related restrictions have largely been lifted, the REB is no longer requiring that interactions with research participants be online if possible, and requirements with respect to distancing, hygiene, and the use of personal protective equipment are no longer in force. However, any researcher or participant may wear masks when interacting, if they choose.

Further, we are not requiring that approved protocols that include such restrictions be amended to reflect these changes, but we should receive notice of any revised study procedures when submitting a Change to Protocol for any other revision, or as part of your next annual renewal.

Please note that researchers are still required to abide by all Carleton rules and restrictions relating to Covid. Researchers must also follow all public health requirements of the jurisdiction where the research is conducted. If the research is carried out in a third-party host organization, any additional constraints imposed by such host organization will also apply.

The situation remains uncertain and restrictions and requirements may be re-imposed if the public health situation warrants. Our Office continues to monitor the situation. Please refer back to this page when submitting an application in the event of any changes or updates.

Contact our office at ethics@carleton.ca with any questions, concerns or suggestions.