Campus activity or cultural groups are an integral part of the Carleton University community. They bring together students from many diverse backgrounds and enhance the university experience.

To ensure that all student-run university sanctioned events (both on and off campus) are appropriately planned and safe, students are required to complete the Student Events Risk Management Form 14 days before your event.

The Student Events Risk Management Form is located on the CUx site.

The Risk Management Form should be completed if your event has one of the following elements:

i.          More than fifty (50) people in attendance;

ii.         Features a speaker from an external organization;

ii.         Alcohol is being served;

iv.        A sports-like activity is planned;

v.         Transporting students by means of chartered bus or rental vehicle

vi.        Any activity that has the potential to result in damage to the individual person, or physical property.

In the event you are not sure your event has any potential risks associated with it, then err on the side of caution and complete the Risk Management Form.  Completing it will only take 5-10 minutes.

NOTE: It is important to complete the Student Events Risk Management Form for the following reasons:

i.          The university needs to know when large groups of people are gathering on campus for reasons of safety and planning purposes;

ii.         Professional university staff can offer advice or assistance in helping to organize an event and help students to assess any risks that may associate with their activity;

ii.         To ensure a student activity is covered by insurance (either CUSA’s or the University’s); if your event is not approved by the university, you may be personally required to accept any liabilities that result from your activity. Protect yourself by using the Risk Management Process!