Basic Course With Deb Chard

Saturday/Sunday July 14/15 2018
9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Location TBD
Course Fee: a $20.00 deposit is required and is fully refundable upon completion of the course
Contacts: jenna.easton@carleton.ca/ alicia.poole@carleton.ca

Survivors are never at fault for sexual assault. The only person at fault for sexual violence is the person perpetrating the harm.
We all have the right to defend ourselves and assert our boundaries. We also have the right to unlearn societal messages telling women to “be polite” and “stay quiet”, especially when we are experiencing harm. The Wen-Do Women’s Self Defence course teaches all these things. It is an empowerment-based course that is explicitly non-victim blaming.
This two day course offers girls (over 10 years old) and women of all ages and abilities the opportunity to practice easy to learn, easy to remember physical and verbal techniques. The course teaches women to use their bodies as they are, and alternative techniques are provided to women with any physical limitations or disabilities.

Effective blocks, strikes, and verbal self defense are the major components of this course. Additionally, self defence situations related to outdoors, public transit, private vehicles, home, work and school safety are discussed.

In an environment that recognizes and celebrates our diversity, the course talks about violence against women and children, breaking down the myths of who, where, and why assault, harassment and abuse happens. The course helps to increase women’s confidence to defend themselves should they need to.

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