Emergency Management at Carleton University

We live in a world where emergencies, crisis, risks, and hazards are part of our day-to-day planning. These events can be anything from extreme weather, IT hacks, or loss of labour.

Carleton University has identified hazards that could occur or impact our campus, has assessed the risk to the campus community and has created plans and procedures to help mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from these hazards.

The Carleton University program is supported by the Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations (EMCO) Policy and Emergency Management Plan. Through training, exercises, and awareness, the Carleton University community is better prepared to respond and recover from one of these events.

For continuity and collaboration, Carleton University is using definitions found in the City of Ottawa Emergency Management Plan for:

  • Situation
  • Incident
  • Event
  • Emergency
  • Disaster

Without appropriate intervention, an emergency may escalate into a disaster, endangering life and property for members of the campus and/or external community.

Examples of Emergencies include but are not limited to:

  • Critical Infrastructure Failure
  • Building Fire/Explosion
  • Hazardous Material leak
  • Terrorism / Public Safety
  • Public Health/Pandemic
  • Essential Services failure (food, fuel, workforce)
  • Extreme weather/natural disaster

Communication is key – make sure you have downloaded the Carleton University APP and can receive push notifications.  Follow Carleton University on twitter @Carleton_U  and CCS @CarletonSafety and the Carleton University newsroom @CUnewsroom

Please note: Social media is NOT a reporting tool and these accounts are not monitored 24/7. 

Should you have an emergency please call 613-520-4444 or 4444 (from a university phone) to speak with the Campus Safety Services.

You may also want to consider adding weather alerts or local radio and TV stations.

Sal Ugarte
Emergency Management Officer
Ext. 8535
203G Robertson Hall (Campus Safety Services)