What is Prepare Training?

In Prepare Training® participants acquire skills that build confidence to effectively deal with irrational, angry, hostile people both internal and external to the workplace.

With an organized understanding of how behaviors escalate and how to safely respond to those behaviors, employees become part of the solution.

The program is built on values that prioritize respectful interactions, a service-oriented attitude, and a safe environment for employees and customers.

In the Foundation Course you will:

  • Learn how crisis situations evolve and develop.
  • Examine the issues that impact Respect, Service, and Safety at Work®.
  • Explore the nonverbal and verbal elements of communication that can impact a crisis situation.
  • Practice de-escalation strategies.
  • Learn how to set limits with individuals who are verbally aggressive and non-compliant.
  • Understand the reciprocal relationship between one’s own behavior and the behavior of others.
  • Develop coping mechanisms that can help maintain professionalism during confrontations.
  • Explore ways to learn from crisis situations and improve future interventions.

Who should take the course?

Whether you are a manager, an administrator or customer service representative, this program can be customized to suit any role and assist in improving the quality of service in your area.

Departmental or unit bookings are encouraged to allow for training that addresses area specific needs.

To book, please contact the program coordinator, Richard Sabourin at richard.sabourin@carleton.ca .

Contact Information:

S/Cst. Richard Sabourin
Training, Investigations and Case Manager
613-520-2600 ext. 1277

Campus Safety Services
203 Robertson Hall,
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa Ontario
K1S 5B6