Photo of Rajamani Doraiswami

Rajamani Doraiswami

Professor Emeritus

Degrees:Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University), P. Eng
Phone:613 440 2777

Rajamani Doraiswami

Professor Emeritus: The University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Adjunct Professor: Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Senior Member IEEE

Areas of interests

  • Control theory and Applications
  • System identification, Estimation Theory, Detection Theory
  • Decision Theory
  • Signal processing, Adaptive filtering, Statistical signal processing
  • Biomedical signal processing
  • Machine learning
  • Pattern classification
  • Communication theory
  • Performance monitoring, fault diagnosis, condition-based maintenance, fault tolerant control

Industry-University Collaborations

  • Autonomous systems: aerial and terrestrial vehicles: modeling, identification, and control; tracking accurately a desired trajectory despite disturbance that push the vehicle away
  • Robotics: Modeling, identification, and control for accurate tracking of specified trajectory
  • Power system: stability, load-frequency control, excitation control, state estimation, reliability, transient stability, power system security
  • Communication: equalization, echo cancellation, data compression, speech processing, speech/speaker recognition
  • Control applications: power utilities, process control industries, aero-space industries:  power system control, satellite attitude control, control of robots, unmanned vehicles
  • Electrical Machine drives (mechatronics): control of DC and AC machines;
  • Medical diagnosis: classification of biological signals/images
  • Navigation and tracking moving object: Mars rover
  • Real time implementation: controllers, filters, performance monitoring and fault diagnosis, acoustic noise cancellation, adaptive filters, speech enhancement filter

US patents (four)

Inventors: Lahouari Cheded and Rajamani Doraiswami

  • Unified approach to detection and isolation of parametric faults using a Kalman filter residual-based approach,
  • Apparatus and Method for Monitoring Electro-and/or Mechanical Systems
  • Distributed Filtering Scheme for Fault Diagnosis of Sensor networks
  • Fault detection method for a flow sensor and a height sensor fluid tank sensor network