The positions are advertised for the summer period (May – August 2021), working part-time or full-time together with a developer team locally in Ottawa and abroad. We have a software project manager and experienced blockchain systems architect with whom the interns would work and coordinate.

Play4Work has a working prototype for the competitive-cooperative solution, a recruiting, onboarding, and training platform that it built during a recent hackathon. We are seeking support to develop the prototype for a pilot event and demonstration in August 2021. We are looking for a summer intern team from the School of Computer Science to contribute to our tech team, with a potential for further collaboration and positions after the summer for any of the students that find a good fit with the organisation in successfully launching the pilot event.

The computer science students would also be working alongside a team of 4 Sprott School MBA students, who are now interning with P4W on a range of business, strategy, growth and community operations activities.

Position Type: Unpaid, with SAFTs and possible bonuses

  • Web Developer
    Proficiency – Web development, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, JavaScript

    • Other – Chakra-ui, Next.js and MongoDB
  1. Hyperledger Fabric Developer
    Proficiency – Developing smart contract and applications with Hyperledger Fabric
  1. Blockchain Developer
    Proficiency – Developing DApps and/or using smart contracts with distributed ledger technologies