I am reaching out to share Syncrude’s upcoming Computer Science student opportunities beginning in January 2022 and ask if you can please share the below link with your students and feel free to post on any internal database for coop programs. All opportunities are now currently live on our external webpage and will remain open until September 19th 2021 (Listed on each posting). If there is any specific rank/job match dates for your students, feel free to respond to let us know


Link to available postings: https://recruiting.ultipro.ca/SYN5001SYNCR/JobBoard/9aef4197-30ec-420c-bf5f-e91b134e5827/?q=&o=postedDateDesc


Please note that each job posting may differ by discipline, term length or job location (Fort McMurray, Edmonton or Calgary, AB). All these details are highlighted within the job posting itself. As a reminder, in order for students to be considered for the opportunities, they must apply directly to our webpage, even if applying to the universities coop database.