Job Title:
Computer Vision Engineer


Job skills:

We are a team looking for enthusiastic applicants who have special interest in the field of computer vison, along with good working ethics.


  • – BSc in Computer Science, Electronics, Mechatronics, or Computer Engineering (or any related technical field).
  • – Full Proficiency in Python and Experience in Software Development.
  • – Strong Knowledge in Machine Learning/Deep Learning & image processing.
  • – Experience with Numpy, Matplotlib, OpenCV.
  • – Good Knowledge of one of the ML frameworks (Pytorch and/or Tensorflow).
  • – Experience with Linux Environment.
  • – Hands-on experience with handling large datasets.
  • – Experience with projects in Computer Vision, Machine Learning/Deep Learning is a plus.
  • – Knowledge in recent advances in Deep Learning and Computer Vision algorithms is a plus
  • – Would be advised to have finished a course in COMP 4107 (Neural Networks) with an interest preferred in applications of CNNs in image analysis and Applications of LSTM neural networks
  • Ability to work with team members from different countries

Job descriptions:

Your job is to perform some the task mentioned below, but they are not limited to those

  • Have the capability to work with an instance segmentation model and a train within a specific dataset  (Yolact++, MASK R-CNN, etc)
  • Optimize training
  • You will help in building a tracking software that is integrated within our datasets (API)
  • 3D bounding boxes around object of interest
  • 2D-3D model reconstruction
  • Classifications of road user manoeuvres

We are looking for members as soon as possible, timeframe of the work will be from now till the end of the winter 2022 term. . You would be working with Houssam Siyoufi and Dr. Karim Ismail, professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Please contact Houssam Siyoufi < for more information.