From: Shannon Newlands <>
Sent: September 9, 2021 3:48 PM
Subject: Work-study job in Biochemistry


I am a lab coordinator from Biochemistry, and I am looking to hire a CS student through the Work-Study program. The job details are copied below. I have hired three of your students in the past, and they have all been really good! I was hoping you could make your students aware of this position. They must have a certificate of approval from the work-study program, and they can e-mail me directly with their resume and certificate.




112818 – Software/Web Developer

This is an opportunity for you to apply the skills and knowledge gained through your studies at Carleton, and to be creative, gain real work experience and contribute to the success of other students.  You will have a chance to interact remotely on a professional level with employees outside of your department, allowing you to develop valuable workplace interpersonal and communication skills.

You will be responsible for creating and/or maintaining new virtual simulations of biochemistry laboratory experiments to be used as a learning tool for BIOL/BIOC 2200 students. The custom “experiments” are aligned with the course curriculum, and have pre-determined experimental inputs and pre-determined results outputs. The simulations must be interactive, but can range from simple animations to gaming-level imagery depending on your level of capabilities. To see some examples of the type of product needed, check the on-line experiments available from PhET Interactive Simulations.
You will be able to work remotely (100% of the time) and independently for 10-15 hours per week, flexible for your schedule. Meetings with your supervisor will be online. If you choose to attend campus in person, you will be expected to follow all public health guidelines and complete all COVID-19 safety training as required by Carleton University.

-Most suitable for upper-year computer science students
-Must supply your own computing equipment and internet connection
-Excellent ability to program/code in the languages (eg. Angular) necessary for producing interactive simulations. The simulations are hosted on GitHub.
-Effective communication (English) and time-management skills
-Ability to work independently with minimal guidance
-Ability to seek appropriate assistance when needed (eg. consulting experts/professors of computer programming)
-Familiarity with biochemistry/chemistry is an asset, but not required