The McQuaid Lab is recruiting for a study entitled


“Understanding Student Stress and Resilience: Examining the Biological Correlates of Mental Health”. This study has been reviewed by and received ethics clearance
through the Research Ethics Committee (CUREB-B Clearance # 111223). 


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Study –


It will be your responsibility to ensure that any REB requirements for review and approval at your institution are satisfied.



Research participants wanted


We are looking for participants to take part in our study: Understanding Student Stress and Resilience: Examining the Biological Correlates of Mental Health. This study will look at the impact of stressors students encounter (e.g., transitioning to a new city, COVID-19 impacts including loss of social support, academic and financial stressors) on academics, mental health symptoms and physical health markers.


You may be eligible to participate in a study if you are:

·       Between 17 and 24 years old (as we are focusing on emerging adults)

·       Fluent in English

·       In your first or second year of undergraduate study attending an Ontario University

·       Currently live in Ontario


Participation in this study will involve:

·       A link to a quick screening questionnaire, asking a few of questions to see if you are eligible to participate (5 minutes)

·       If eligible, a 1 and a half hour online session during which you will

Complete study questionnaires

Approximately one week later, provide 7 saliva samples over the course of one day (these will be mailed to you with a pre-paid return envelope) 

  • If you are a Carleton University student, part of our study will be examining how the measures above link to your grades across your first year of university.
  • You will be asked to attend a follow-up session in Winter term 2022 in which you will repeat the steps done in the first session.

In appreciation of your time and participation, you will receive $30 Amazon gift card for Phase 1 (Winter/Spring Term 2021) and an additional $30 Amazon gift card for Phase 2 (Winter/Spring Term 2022).


To take part in this study, please click the link below: 



OR if you have questions contact:



Ayeila Daneshmend (she/hers)

Graduate Student Researcher| McQuaid Lab

Department of Neuroscience

Carleton University