We need campus leads (like you? 👀) to plant the seeds for your campus community in Technolgap and foster its growth 🌱!


The role of a campus lead is to…

🧡Advertise and communicate Technolgap events to your campus (you know your school best!).

🧡Manage your campus’ channel on slack and foster your school’s community within Technolgap.

🧡Recruit new members into Technolgap and welcome them into the community.

🧡Represent your school within Technolgap’s core team.

Alongside these core responsibilities, campus leads will have the support to run your own initiatives (which, btw, looks really sexy on your resume)!

Does this look exciting to you? (We hope so!)🧡 Please apply at https://tinyurl.com/technolgap-uni-lead by June 25th 2021.

If you haven’t heard of Technolgap, we’re a young but fast-growing community. Born in Ottawa in February 2020, Technolgap is opening its doors wide open to all post-secondary institutions across Canada!  For more information please contact Gina at technolgap@gmail.com. If you haven’t joined technolgap, please sign up for an incredible source of resources and community here: tinyurl.com/technolgap