On-Going Event! Note: this event is currently underway.

CCSS Academic Events for October

October 6, 2021 — October 27, 2021

  • Tech Talk – How Simple Math Keeps Your Password Safe (October 6, 6:00 PM) –  Join Morley Abbott, a Software Developer who formerly worked on AWS Identity and Access Management, for a talk on internet security! Learn how the S in HTTPS works and the math behind why it’s safe.
  • Dev Club – Git Office Hours (October 13, 6:00 PM) – Join us for 1-on-1 git help from some of your fellow upper-year computer science students.
  • Your First Website (October 20,  6:00 PM) –  A beginner friendly workshop that will teach you how to build your first web website using HTML and CSS.
  • Dev Club – Show & Tell (October 27, 6:00 PM) – We will be showcasing our latest projects, discoveries, accomplishments, and anything else we’re working on!

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