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CUWiSE events for October

October 13, 2021 — October 31, 2021

Personal Development Workshop: STEM in the real world

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On October 7th @ 6 PM EDT, the CUWiSE will be hosting Mina Dezyanian, an engineer and the creator of the Ironringgirls community on Instagram, for improving your communication skills in the ‘real world’!

Join Mina for an interactive workshop on communicating effectively while in school or after graduation
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Mental Health Event: WiSE Yoga Night

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Is your back hurting? Are you spending way too much time sitting down to work? Are you looking for a way to blow off some stress and unwind?

In this event, we will be going through a 1-hour long yoga routine aimed at beginners that with regular practice can help:

  • alleviate period pain
  • posture
  • stress through pranayama (a form of meditation that focuses on the breath)

Join us on October 13th @ 7:30 PM EDT for our WISE Yoga Night hosted by Shreeya, a certified Yoga instructor!

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Social Event: WiSE Language Social

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Join us on October 20th @ 6 PM EDT to mingle with Carleton students from all over the world who are interested in teaching or learning a new language.


A language mentee is someone that wants to learn a new language and is paired up with a language mentor for the event to learn language ethics, grammar, and pronunciation. It’s a great chance to have fun, make friends and learn about a new language and culture!
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A language mentor is someone that volunteers to teach the other students who sign up as mentees about language ethics, grammar, and pronunciation. It’s a great chance to have fun, make friends and share your language and culture with others!

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Spooky Socials: Halloqueens

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This Halloween, CUWiSE is partnering with UOttawa WiSE to bring you 3-day fun events! Stay tuned for what’s to come!!

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Best of luck in your first semester at Carleton! I’m sure you will all do amazing and accomplish great things!

Warm regards,

Anoushka Singhal (She/Her)

Vice President, Internal Affairs | Carleton University Women in Science and Engineering