COMP 5901: Directed Studies

This study course is designed to cover substantial material in a set of well-defined topics for which there is no regular OCICS course. The workload in this course should be similar to that in a regular OCICS course. Please keep the following guidelines when planning for this course:

  • Before registering in a directed studies course COMP 5901, a student must submit a topic proposal signed by a faculty member who will act as the supervisor and examiner for this course. This is done using the Setting up a Directed Studies form.
  • The Graduate Director must approve this proposal. The proposal must detail a topic, specific deliverables, a tentative schedule and a mode of attribution for marks. Neither reading nor summarizing existing research is sufficient for directed studies.
  • The work carried out in a directed studies course must NOT become a significant part of the thesis or project. It is fundamental that any piece of work be used for obtaining credits only once throughout the studies of a student.
  • It is preferable that the directed studies course be taken with a faculty member who is not the student’s Thesis or Project Supervisor(s). If the course is taken with the Thesis or Project Supervisor(s), please provide a detailed reasoning for this choice and why the contents of this course will have no overlap with the contents of the Thesis or Project.
  • Completion requires that a copy of the results or report be submitted to the Graduate Director.
  • Directed studies courses cannot be taken to satisfy an “area” requirement.
  • A directed studies course must not cover the same content as an existing course.
  • A student is limited to a maximum of 2 directed studies per program, with different supervisors.