All doctoral students registered (Full or Part-time) are required to submit the Progress Report Form in each Fall Term and Winter term. Report for the Fall term is due by the end of the first week in December. Report for the Winter term is due by the end of the first week in April. The report consists of details on any missed milestones, what progress has been made in the current term and what are the goals for the next term, as well as the overall plan for the completion of the thesis. This report needs to be filled by the student in consultation with their thesis supervisor(s). After approval by the supervisor(s), the student submits the report to the Graduate Administrator respecting the due dates. The Graduate Administrator forwards these reports to the Graduate Director. If any issues are spotted in terms of the progress of a doctoral student towards the completion of the program, the Graduate Director will inform the Dean of FGPA for necessary action(s). A copy of this report for each term is kept in the student’s file. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that this report is submitted in a timely fashion. The cases of the missed deadlines/reports will be automatically reported to the Dean of FGPA.