Ph.D. students are assigned a thesis supervisor upon admission. However, before the end of the first term of registration, students are required to submit a signed Thesis Supervisor Information Form form to confirm the arrangement and determine a tentative study schedule. You may like to see the Graduate Supervision – Responsibilities and Expectations Policy document from FGPA to get a better understanding of the role of Thesis Supervisor(s).

Moreover, in consultation with Supervisor(s) a Thesis Advisory Committee may be constituted, consisting of the Supervisor(s) and at least one additional SCS-OCICS member. The purpose of this committee is to assist the student in terms of the study plan, to monitor the progress of the student, and to help the student in setting up various committees (Comprehensive, Proposal, and Defense) at appropriate times. It is very likely that the members of this committee will be in the Thesis Proposal Committee as well as in the Examination Board for Thesis Defence for the student. Students are advised to discuss the Progress Report in each term with all the members of their Advisory Committee. This Committee should be in place by the end of the first term of registration.