Data science is the next frontier of information technology, but few universities offer programming in this area. Carleton’s collaborative master’s in Data Science is geared at graduate students and high-tech professionals who are interested in understanding how to analyze and use ‘big data’ sets collected by governments, industry, NGOs, and industry for purposes ranging from generating personal recommendations for online shopping to improving the efficiency of health care delivery or predicting national security threats.


The Master in Computer Science with Data Science Specialization allows students to participate in collaborative learning that includes over a dozen programs throughout the university. The Data Science Specialization is only available for MCS students who have chosen the thesis route. There is currently no project-based Data Science Specialization offered.


You must apply for a Master in Computer Science and complete the Data Science Specialization form in order to be considered for the program. A list of program details, including other participating programs can be found here.

More Information

Visit Carleton’s Institute for Data Science (CUIDS) to learn more!