Part of the application process for acceptance to the Carleton BCS Industrial Applications Internship Option is to apply for internship employment at Shopify.  For the complete Internship Option application process, see this page.

For the Shopify part of the process, you will need to send a portfolio directly to Shopify, using the application-form link you will receive with your offer of BCS admission, by February 13, 2017. Interviews for select applicants will begin mid-March.

The details of the portfolio are as follows.

You will be asked to send your portfolio in a single zip file and upload it via the resume link on Shopify’s application form.

Your zip file must include all of the following:

  1. A PDF of your resume.
  2. An artifact (or a link to an artifact) showing evidence of any of the following: solving an interesting problem, creating or making something of impact, taking initiative on a significant project, or making a big impact on your community. Examples of artifacts include a video, code sample, recording of a presentation, a detailed description of an initiative, an article about you or that you wrote, a science fair project, a significant piece of interactive artwork, and so on.
  3. A single PDF including all the following:
    1. Shopify store: Provide a link to a Shopify store that you created. Don’t spend a huge amount of time on this, but feel free to use it to express your creativity.
    2. Short essay: Describe what you are passionate about outside of technology. How might technology or computing make an impact in this area ten years in the future? (500-600 words)
    3. Short answer: Tell us about a time you learned something new. What strategies did you use? How did you find resources. How do you learn best? (250 words)
    4. Short answer: Think back to the artifact you provided earlier. Reflect on your experience surrounding the artifact. What are you most proud of? What did you find the most challenging? (250 words)

If you have any questions, or need help creating your PDF/zip file, email us at