Every year, the Dean of Science offers paid summer research internships to top first-year science, computer science and mathematics students. These Dean’s Summer Research Internships (DSRIs) afford students the opportunity to work with professors to conduct research. Currently, students who receive these competitive research internships will be paid about $4620 ($11/hour for 12 weeks @ 35 hours/week) to work with a professor in the Faculty of Science.

Full-time, first year, science students with an 80% or better GPA after their fall term are emailed an invitation to apply in mid-January. The DSRI application requires students to discuss why they want to do research, to identify the professor they wish to work with, explain why they want to join the professor’s research program, and describe what they will work on. While students can get substantial information from faculty websites to learn which professors’ research interests them and why, students must contact faculty members directly to discuss research possibilities and for them to get a good idea of the type of work conducted by the particular professor. DSRI applications are due just after the winter break. All applicants are notified of the results by the second week of March.

The Science Student Success Centre (SSSC) organizes a few activities to help students prepare their DSRI application. In January many labs in the Faculty of Science will open their doors during Science Lab Tour Week. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about the types of research being done on campus and to talk with professors about doing a DSRI in their lab. The SSSC will also be sharing expert advice about writing applications for research grants and awards in the sciences. Students can bring a draft of their DSRI application to a SSSC workshop and the presenters will review it one-on-one to help it stand out from the crowd. Check out the SSSC website for more details in January.