As of Fall 2021 the SCS course material submission is no longer required

How to submit your course material

To submit your course material fill out this form:

Note: You must have an SCS Drupal account in order to upload your course material. Please see the SCS Tech staff for assistance.

What to include in your course material uploads

  • Course outline,
  • Course slides and notes,
  • Tutorials,
  • Tests & solutions,
  • Midterms & solutions,
  • Final Exam & solutions,
  • Assignments & solutions.

You DO NOT have to upload large video files!

Making changes to your upload

Once you upload something, you may wish to make changes to your upload. To edit your course material upload, you need to:

  1. Log into Drupal
  2. Click on Content (just Content, not the sub-menu)
  3. You will see your upload in the listing. If you do not immediately see your upload, you can filter the list by selecting Type: ‘Course Material’ and then pressing the Filter button.
  4. Once you found your Course Material Upload, select ‘Edit’ to make changes

Some information about the Drupal uploads

  • course material uploads are password-protected, non-authenticated users cannot access the uploads
  • only the person submitting their course material can view their own course material upload (with the exception of the admins)
  • admin staffs are able to view all the uploads
  • in the course material listing, you will see only your own upload and not any other instructors upload
  • you can upload as many files as you wish, but they must be less than 256 MB per file