Carleton Administrative Services
SCS Websites, Forms, Documents, and Website Administration
Campus Services: Rooms, Voice, and Card Access
Hardware Support: WiFi, Printing, Voice, and Office Computers

On this page you’ll find links to various service information, logins, and valuable reference material pertaining to SCS staff.

Carleton Administrative Services

Below is a list of some Carleton online services that pertain to various administrative tasks. These services are maintained and supported by ITS. For more information on all available ITS services, including installation guides and troubleshooting, visit the ITS Service Catalogue.

SCS Websites, Forms, Documents, and Website Administration

The SCS uses two content management systems for web content: WordPress and Drupal. The WordPress hosts the main School of Computer Science websites while the Drupal manages the SCS internal pages and documents.

WordPress Account: Main Website News Articles and Web Page Updates

The main computer science websites make use of the ITS WordPress server, the Carleton Content Management System (CCMS). The main SCS websites which are powered by the CCMS include:

If you require access to the website, the departmental administrator will have to request an account through the ITS service desk. Once you have access, you will be able to login by adding wp-login.php to the end of the URL.

Drupal Account: Accessing and Working with Internal Pages

The SCS uses an internal Drupal server to manage internal pages, such as course material uploads and course outline management. The Drupal account uses your existing account information. The first time you log in to Drupal using your SCS email and password your Drupal account will be created. If you notice any problems with your Drupal account, you can contact SCS tech staff.

For more information on Drupal and various internal SCS websites, see the following:

Internal Websites and Documents

The SCS maintains internal pages locked behind your SCS Drupal account. These pages are used to upload documents such as course materials, tech reports, and documents shared between staff and faculty.


The university uses Office 365 (O365) as its official mail server. It is sometimes called Exchange for Faculty and Staff or Outlook and students call it cmail. As of Jan. 2019 you have a 50GB email quota.

You can access your email in several ways the simplest is the browser web interface:

For information on connecting your email with other services, such as Outlook and other third party clients (imap), please see:

Any and email aliases are managed by ITS. Please see the ITS service desk for assistance.

We strongly advise all Carleton employees and students to use Carleton email for Carleton business. We discourage forwarding Carleton email or communicating via a non-Carleton email provider.

SCS has its own email server that is in use. Many of the faculty have addresses which signifies the SCS email server. Any assistance with accounts should be directed to the SCS Tech Staff.

Campus Services: Rooms, Voice, and Card Access

The university is using CBORD for its swipe card access using your campus card and uses Enterprise for room booking. The main office and the Tech staff are able to grant access to all the SCS swipe-card locations.

The cost to have a door installed with CBORD is as follows (as of Jan. 2019):

  • Door with card reader: $3000
  • Door with monitoring  devices only:  $2000
  • Door with Accessibility: $5000

Below are some useful links relating to CBORD and Enterprise:

Phone and voice services are provided through Carleton. You will need to discuss any changes to phone services with the department administrator. For more information on Carleton phone services, see below:

Prevent future injury! If you spot something on campus that could potentially be dangerous, you can file a Good Catch Report to let somebody know. See something higher risk? Learn more about reporting incidents at the CU WorkSafe portal.

Hardware Support: WiFi, Printing, Voice, and Office Computers

Connecting to WiFi

The ITS provides campus wide wireless networking through two services: CU-Wireless and eduroam. Both services make use of your MyCarletonOne account to connect.

SCS Printing

The SCS has three main printers for administrative staff as well as the option to print confidentially using your MyCarletonOne credentials. Printers are managed by the Print Shop. For more information on printing, check out:

Office Computers

The administrative staff computers are connected the university wide ITS Windows network. You require an active MyCarletonOne account and password in order to access your workstation.

ITS has an imaging server that updates the computers regularly. Updates and installing security patches is usually done after hours and on weekends.

Any problems and concerns can be directed to the ITS Help desk.