SCS Contract instructors are responsible for submitting the following files to the school:

  • Course outline
  • Course material
  • Student submitted files

This can be done online using two school accounts.

SCS Accounts

Contract instructors will need two accounts from the school:

  1. SCS Drupal Account
  2. SCS Nextcloud Account

The SCS Tech Staff will create the accounts for you and send you the password.

Account documentation:

Course Outline

The course outline must be posted before the start of the term. The exact date is posted by the university and you receive an email with the exact submission deadline for your start term. The course outline is submitted using your SCS Drupal account.

Course Material

The course material can be uploaded at any time but must be uploaded before the end of your course. Course material is uploaded using the SCS Drupal account.

Student course submitted files

The student course submitted files can be uploaded using SCS Nextcloud. The instructions here: