The School of Computer Science has a Linux network available for all SCS students, faculty and staff.

Because of low demand the Linux hosts are not available. You can access your Linux homedir and web directory via the external access host. If you are interested in using the SCS linux network please contact the SCS Tech Staff and let us know that it is a valuable service!

Available Servers
Services Available
Create a Linux Account
How to Login
Change Password

Available Servers

You can access the SCS Linux network using the external access host:


Services available

The SCS Linux servers have the following available:

  • you have 1 GB of server disk space available in your home directory
  • you can set up a personal SCS website

If you require more omicron servers, you can contact the SCS Tech Staff and request more servers.

Create a Linux Account

If you are enrolled in an SCS course, you can create an SCS Linux Account using the school’s account management system:

How to login

The SCS Linux Network is only accessible from within Carleton. You can access the Linux network if you are:

There are a couple of ways to access the SCS Omicron Linux Network:

  • Non-graphical login using ssh

Change Password

You can change your SCS password in a number of ways:

  1. Use the account management web interface: Online Account Management System
  2. ssh to access and then type: passwd on the command line
  3. ssh to an omicron server and type: passwd on the command line


For more information on how to connect using ssh and for common ssh errors, please refer to: