The Board of Governors has 32 members:

  • Two, the Chancellor and the President, are ex officio
  • Two are faculty members
  • Two are Senate representatives
  • Four are students
  • Two are staff members
  • Two are nominees of the Alumni Association
  • Eighteen are from the community-at-large
Member Name Category
Alastair Summerlee Interim President & Vice-Chancellor, ex officio
Fred Afagh Faculty
Debra Alves Community
Efrem Berhe Undergraduate
Christopher Carruthers (Chair) Community
Charles Chi Chancellor, ex officio
Gina Courtland Community
Dale Craig Community
Linda Ann Daly Community
Peter Dinsdale Community
Jim Durrell Community
Kenneth Evans Community
Greg Farrell Community
Daniel Fortin Alumni Association
Christina Gold Community
Liam Harrington Undergraduate
Lynn Honsberger Community
Oliver Javanpour Community
Ian Lee Faculty
Pradeep Merchant Community
Nik Nanos (Vice-Chair) Community
Jay Nordenstrom Alumni
Natalie Prowse Graduate
Elinor Sloan Faculty
Rebecca Stiles Graduate
Anthony (Tony) Tattersfield (Past-Chair) Community
Art Ullett Staff
Lesley Watson Community
Bob Wener Community
Celia Young  Senate