The Board of Governors has 32 members:

  • The Chancellor and the President, are ex officio
  • Two faculty members
  • Two Senate representatives
  • Four students
  • Two staff members
  • Two nominees of the Alumni Association
  • Eighteen from the community-at-large
Member Name Category
Debra Alves Community
Taylor Arnt Undergraduate Student
Benoit-Antoine Bacon President & Vice-Chancellor, ex officio
Christopher Carruthers (Past-Chair) Community
Gina Courtland Community
Dale Craig Community
Beth Creary Community
Peter Dinsdale Community
Jim Durrell Community
Kenneth Evans Community
Greg Farrell Community
Konrad von Finckenstein Community
Daniel Fortin (Vice-Chair) Community
Gail Garland Alumni
Christina Gold Community
Lynn Honsberger Community
Oliver Javanpour Community
Nina Karhu Administrative Staff
Jonathan Malloy Faculty
Ian Lee Faculty
Pradeep Merchant Community
Nik Nanos (Chair) Community
Jay Nordenstrom Alumni
Yvonne Osagie Undergraduate Student
Elinor Sloan Faculty – Senator
Patrice Smith Faculty – Senator
Alaine Spiwak Graduate Student
Art Ullett Administrative Staff
Lesley Watson Community
Bob Wener Community
Elise Wohlbold  Graduate Student